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Open Source Content Management System

Let’s examine the title’s different terms. The term “Source” refers to the set of instructions or the internal code with which the computer runs an application. “Open source” means that the application’s source code is readable to anyone who wishes to use the application. Open source content management system means that the content in any website or application can be edited manually without the need of programming or HTML skills. There are hundreds of these CMS applications and the most popular ones include Joomla!, Drupal and WordPress.

Companies creating websites using CMS need not spend much on the training of their programmers to acquire specific software skill or it is not needed for them to sought external help by hiring programmers. It is non-technical in nature and can be used by anyone using word processing software. It is easy to maintain and update a site with new content as well as change the design of the site to keep up with changing trends. Permissions can be given by the controller of the site to enter content in the form of blogs with the controller managing the content and removing out-of date or irrelevant information.

Creative Web Mall (India) Pvt. Ltd is an Indian website, highly experienced in offering Open Source Content Management systems (CMS) solutions to its valuable clients. They offer CMS solutions on ASP.Net or PHP based on the needs of the client. Each one has advantages of its own.

Based on the needs of especially small and medium scale enterprises in India Creative Web Mall (India) Pvt. Ltd offers CMS solutions helping them maintain an up-to date website to retain existing customers as well as attract new customers. It offers freedom and flexibility to its clients to update contents on their website and their CMS solutions can be deployed upon any platform without any problems.