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Extranet Application Development

Most of the companies in India fail to have a secure communication with the suppliers, vendors, partners, customers or other affiliates to business. Extranet application can be a solution to provide secure communication. Extranet utilizes the essence of internet to provide authorized communication with the parties to business.

Services Extranet creates the impact on the image of the organization which has to be secured by the business to be more profitable. Extranet is a company’s extended network that helps in improving the productivity of the company. Automation of day to day activities of the company can be done with extranet application.
The extranet application helps to exchange a huge amount of data. Company catalogues can be shared with third parties, training programs can be conducted in association with partners and provide a common platform for bookings.

Accessibility to the data and information is an immense benefit as the users can access from anywhere and anytime and also get updated information with just the application on the computer, smart phone or even tablet. The frequent updation of the data can be easily done through extranet application. The high security level protects the application from being accessed by outsiders.

A well designed extranet application can change the face of an organization. Creative Web Mall (India) Pvt. Ltd ensures to provide highly secured and exceptionally designed application for the clients in India. The inventory of the clients can be maintained, online ordering facility is available, automated calculations and allocations are made and a complete database of the business operations can be maintained with extranet applications designed by Creative Web Mall (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Every organization is unique and has different needs based on its verticals Creative builds the extranet application. The structure of the application can be modified with any add on or remove any unwanted structure with our expert web developers.