Web Design Trends to Prepare For in 2017


Web Design Trends

Bye-bye 2016, welcome 2017. As the new year dawns, the thought arises. Will 2017 follow the 2016 road, or will new pathways be chalked? There is a lot happening in the digital world, with paradigm shifts and evolving business dynamics. What then, can be the concepts to look for in web design in 2017 ?

Increased use of PWAs :

With smart phones evolving, desktop users are in a minority. Websites designed using progressive web apps will naturally have the advantage of scaling on screens of varying sizes.

Experience oriented :

While the importance of visual appeal cannot be refuted, the user experience will matter more. Simple navigation, lesser emphasis on home page, card patterns, all tending to a minimalist approach.

Micro interaction :

To keep the user interested and engaged, interactions within interactions (micro interactions) will continue to evolve. 2017 will see increase in click animations, scrolling effects. Force touch of Apple could become all pervasive, enabling UX designers build more realistic, less cumbersome apps.

Material design :

Designs will become more solid and tangible, so that experience across varied devices or platforms is meaningful, pleasing to the eye and satisfying.

Increased use of GIFs :

GIFs are becoming popular, and can make an impact. Though excessive use can drive away a visitor to the site.

Personalisation :

Websites will be reflective of the company/business. Use of images of the team, actual products, original and unique content, will all make the site authentic, putting faces to the brand, enabling linkages in the mind of the user.
These are only some of the trend for 2017. What is best for you ? Need help? At Creative (www.creativewebsols.com), we offer the whole gamut under one roof. We are just a click/phone call away.