Social Intranet Solution For Corporate, Businesses And Industries

For any organization, time is equal to money. An employee spends almost 8 hours a day in office and his/her productivity depends on the amount of work he/she has done. Sometimes an employee fails to meet the expectations not because of inefficient work, but because of an inefficient social intranet software system. An Effective social intranet benefits the organization in multiple ways.

  • Business process support: According to Wikipedia “business process or business method is a collection of related, structured activities or tasks that produce a specific service or product (serve a particular goal) for a particular customer or customers”. Efficient social intranet software help streamline this process for the company and also to the employees.


  • Mobile accessibility: mobileIn today’s corporate scenario where people work in different time zones, employees are sometimes required to be responsive even after work hours. Spending extra time at office is not always possible because it add up as extra working hours. With the help of an efficient social intranet tool, it’s easy to overcome this problem.


  • Personal profiles and collaboration: Personal profile in a social intranet network is very different from the profiles that we have in social or professional networking website like Facebook or LinkedIn. In Social intranet software, personal profile of an employ does have the basic relevant information that can be accessed by other employees and apart from that, it also function as database. Collaboration of work has become a simplified process too. Collaboration


  • Filtered content: Data or content flowing inside the social intranet network of an organization is filtered unlike Social media content which is usually scattered and general. When we log into our Facebook account, we can see posts on topics on our interests or pages we follow or photos shared by our Facebook friends. In an organization’s Social intranet software, the data or content are relevant to the firm’s needs and we see posts made by our colleagues or network or topics related to our job profile.

Why Is Social Intranet an Inevitable Need for an Organization

In this digital world where companies understand the importance of software and database, concept of Staff Social Intranet Portal has become an inevitable tool in many ways. Companies with less than 10-15 employees can work smoothly without a corporate communication tool but a firm with large number of employees cannot run smoothly without an efficient social intranet tool.

An efficient social intranet tool is a must because of the following reasons:

#1 Content Management

In an organization, large amount of data or content is generated daily. These data may be in the form of invoice of a purchase made by company, Project details of a new project or an approval form or a client details. Whatever may be the data, an efficient content management system is inevitable.

#2 Employee CollaborationCollaboration

ERP (Enterprise resource planning) software is becoming the backbone of companies and corporate houses because it helps the internal data flow a very less time consuming process. An effective Staff Social Intranet Portal tool like MS Lync or SharePoint is a must because these tools facilitate internal communication among employees very smooth and convenient.


#3 Business Intelligence

Wikipedia defines BI as “Business intelligence comprises the strategies and technologies used by enterprises for the data analysis of business information. IntelligenceBI technologies provide historical, current and predictive views of business operations”. Efficient Social intranet software facilitates a company in performing business intelligence activities much efficiently than business intelligence software.


#4 Document Management

Paper is getting replaced by digital files at a very faster rate because firms are realizing the benefits of digital documentation. Efficient Staff Social Intranet Portal software not only helps in generating these documents, an authorized employee can search a document generated 5 or 10 years ago without wasting much of his/her time and energy.

#5 Streamline Conversations

Communication with employs within the organization via social intranet tool helps facilitate streamlined communication. You not only get a medium to formally as well as informally communicate, your conversations and exchanges can also be maintained and backed up as needed.

Is Social Intranet The Best Answer For Collaborative Working

There are several things that a company needs to organize to ensure effective working across all departments. Sometimes incorrect information, disruptive connection among employees and inefficient network resources affect productivity and collaborative working. Answer to all these problems is effective, modern social networking intranet. How?

Social Intranet Facilitates Collaborative Working: Time Saving And Increased ProductivityCollaborative

Modern social intranet ensures that all employees of an organization are connected to each other on a single platform, where they can share information and discuss their ideas to achieve a common goal. When all the employees work in a single platform, they don’t need separate software for email, forum posting or communication. It saves their time and allows them to save their energy for productive tasks.

Social Intranet On All Devices: Hassle-Free And Available Everywhere

Modern social networking intranet can be accessed on all devices. It means the social network can be accessed in any region of the globe where the Internet is available. In addition, the company’s social networking intranet software can be used on any type of device. It could be laptop, desktop, tablet or even mobile. Seeing the rising demand of smartphone usage, this feature of intranet is a boon.

ResponsiveSocial Networking Intranet Allow Multiple Business Tasks: No Separate Platform Is Needed

Today’s social intranet is advanced and allows a company’s employees to communicate and share important data without visiting each other. In addition, they can post blogs and comment on the already posted articles on the intranet. The employees are also allowed to send their work reports to top organizations and get feedback from other. On the same platform, the top level employees can also assign new projects to juniors and track their work progress. In the presence of all these features of social networking intranet, no separate platform is needed.

Social Intranet: Why It’s Right For Every Organization

Social intranet application is an easy-to-use tool to make effective communication between employees and make the most of social network within an organization. Although many small and big companies have already adopted advanced social intranet network, several of them are with employees who hesitate to use the company’s social intranet software.

Social Intranet application isn’t just a beneficial tool, but it has become a necessity of today’s world. Not just organizations, but educational institutes and research centers are predicted to use latest social intranet features to make the most of technology.

Some have a hunch that social intranet is a time-wasting networking tool and require experts to have an effective communication of the network. But the truth is that social intranet is easy to use, time saving and hassle-free platform to bring employees on a common network and make them work for a common goal collectively. Here’re more reasons to adopt social intranet right now:

More Socialize, More Productive: Social intranet application gives a common platform to an organization’s top as well as low-level employees to communicate, share ideas, post blogs and forum, and discuss important information. In the presence of effective and most advance social intranet software, a company doesn’t need different sources to connect employees to each other and make conversation possible between them.

Availability: Company employees in distant regions can access the organization’s social intranet tool on every device and share information. They are not needed to use special technical devices like laptop or desktop to work while travelling.

No To Discrimination: DiscSocial intranet portal doesn’t discriminate on the basis of employee type and their position in the company. All the employees are allowed to use the social platform to share information and discuss strategies with each other. In addition, they can also share important data and save time in visiting each other’s place.

Importance Of Content And Images For Employees Collaboration Over Social Intranet

Employee Engagement Application is a fantastic modern method to team up a company’s employees and make them work for a single goal using one platform. ContentOn a company’s social intranet software, employees can communicate with each other, share idea, post blogs and forums, and comment on already posted information. But sometimes, employees hesitate to participate in discussions over the social intranet. They sometimes find it troublesome starting a new discussion topic over the network.

For such employees, a company should ask its top management to share important data with them and take initiative to talk to them. The best way to win their confidence for the Employee Engagement Application is through: Content and Images.

Importance of content over social intranet

Posting regular fresh content regularly at the network will grab attention of employees and make them read it. There should be questions asked to the employees and they must be given the choice to answer over the network. The top management of a company should also take the initiative to start a discussion on the social intranet and ask other employees to take part in it. In addition, forum posting and regular blogs can also gain attention of employees and win their confidence for the company software.

Importance of images over Employee Engagement Application

Posting images related to the company or its services is an innovative way to ignite employees’ curiosity for social intranet of the organization. Using the latest version of social intranet, the company will allow the employees to see and share important images over the network easily and discuss their ideas with other employees.

Advanced Employee engagement application will be with feature to share content and images over social intranet using drag and drop option. In addition, employees can also easily read others’ posted content and images.